Do You Help Coaches And Consultants Stand Out In The Crowd So They Can Be Seen, Get Heard, And Get Paid?

Call For Social Media, Podcasting, Speaking, Publicity, And Other Visibility Experts!

The Visible Authority Virtual Event - Be Seen. Be Heard. Get Paid.

The hardest part of growing an online business isn’t finding information to help you succeed…it’s taking action on that information in a meaningful way.
Which is why The Visible Authority Virtual Event is MORE than just a brain dump of information that our attendees will never use.
It’s an event designed to provoke real, money-making action that will help our attendees see REAL results because of what we share.

3 Days
20+ Experts
Thousands Of Attendees
Dedicated Facebook Group For Speakers
… And YOU?

We’re focused on one thing and one thing only: helping our audiences take all the information they get and turn it into action steps they can use right now to make more money online. 

The Topics Will Be Split Into 
3 Themed Days


DAY 1:


Generating New Leads - Without Using Video!

Example Topics:

  • Increasing your visibility — and your income — using Clubhouse
  • ​Writing and publishing a book from scratch (and using this as an "authority" builder)
  • Turning your existing content into a book (repurposing)
  • ​Creating and starting a podcast 
  • ​Being interviewed as an expert on podcasts


DAY 2:


Video Visibility

Example Topics:

  • The ins and outs of Facebook Lives and how to leverage them
  • Virtual speaking for increased exposure online
  • The right — and the wrong — way to use YouTube videos
  • ​Using Zoom to grow your business
  • Being a guest expert on other experts’ Facebook groups, masterminds, IG lives etc.


DAY 3:


Standing Out on Social Media

Example Topics:

  • Growing an engaged Facebook group
  • Using Instagram to generate leads
  • TikTok for business
  • ​Maximizing your LinkedIn presence
  • Is Pinterest right for you?
If You Can Speak On Any Topic Related To These Three Themes,
I Want To Hear From You! 

This is a "no fluff" event. Meaning I want to feature experts who are true teachers of their craft. 

Is this you?

  • Know you have value to bring to the table and are excited about helping online business owners cut through the noise and get moving NOW...
  • Are ready to share highly actionable information (step-by-step action plans preferred!)...
  • ​​Wish to align yourself with other experts in the industry…
  • ​Are prepared to use this event to increase your visibility and credibility…
  • ​​Will share this event with your followers and eagerly participate.... (no wallflowers or hangers on, please!)
Then This Event Is For You
Key Dates & Requirements

Key Dates & Deadlines

Speaker Applications Due: September 1st, 2021
Speaker Final Selections Chosen: September 5th, 2021
Speaker Information & Free Gifts Due: September 10th, 2021
Interviews Completed by: October 1st, 2021

Summit Promotion Period:  Monday October 4th - Wednesday October 27th, 2021
Summit Launch: Monday October 25th, 26th and 27th, 2021

Requirements of Speakers:
Guest Experts featured on The Visible Authority Virtual Event will participate in one 30-45 minute presentation/interview video as well as additional promotional videos to be recorded at the same time. 

No offers or upsells will be permitted, but free gifts are highly encouraged and recommended to take advantage of the new visibility you’ll gain.

If you are able to participate in the entire event including any promotional or lead-up activities, and adhere to these deadlines, please click the button below and submit your application.

Event FAQ

Is there a minimum list requirement to be a speaker?

There is no list requirement to be in the Event. Having said that, we do want you to have an active email and social presence that you will share to. 

Are the speakers required to promote?

Events like these depend on the speakers who are willing to share and get the word out. We will be doing everything on our side to share and put this event in front of as many people as possible. We do ask that speakers who participate in the event help us with our goal of promotion. We will work with you to see what that promotion can look like and how it fits for you as well.

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes! There will be an affiliate program for the VIP offers within the event. Affiliate commission will be 40% of direct sales from the event and we are looking at some other affiliate opportunities for post-event offers as well. 

Hey! 👋 I'm Stephanie...
I’m a Book Development Coach & Consultant and a Book Editor - with over 500 authors served over the last 24 years. Drawing on my 17 years of experience as a newspaper journalist and lifelong exposure to writing, books, and editing (I earned my first paycheck as a writer at the age of 14), I know what it takes to make a fascinating book that showcases your expertise and draws the right clients and media opportunities to you.

And even though this isn’t the most popular idea out there...your success starts in the planning. Whether you want to use existing content (videos, podcast interviews, blogs, etc.) or new content to write and publish your book, you’ve got to know what to do every step of the way so you finish and publish your book.

I’m super passionate about my clients’ success and nothing makes me smile more than seeing YOU write and publish your book. When my clients land on national television or in major newspapers because of the book I helped them write, edit, publish, and promote, that makes me prouder than all the writing awards and grants I’ve gotten during my career. Because when you write and publish a book that showcases your expertise while motivating others to better can make an impact on the world and stop chasing down sales calls and podcast, television, radio, newspaper, magazine, and blog interviews — because more people will come to you!
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